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Newcomers take top filled chocolate honours  

The Academy of Chocolate has today announced the results of this year’s filled chocolate winners – with top awards going to newcomers from across the globe.

Producers La Carambole Patisserie (Netherlands), La Fève by Pavel Pavlov (Norway, with the chocolatier from Sofia, Bulgaria), Realm of Cream (UK, but Hungarian origin) have all achieved golds for the first time.

The newcomers appear alongside familiar producers such as Cōchu Chocolatier from Canada who achieved a Gold, Chocolat Grace and Valenza Chocolatier from the States with silvers and bronzes and Eponine and Lauden from the North of England.

A UK newcomer, Niblette from Uxbridge, has also achieved a clutch of silver accolades.

Honours for the awards are shared between visually seductive bonbons glossed with painterly precision and simply finished chocolates, still exemplifying technical excellence alongside enticing, beautifully balanced texture and flavour profiles.

Flavours this year span the globe, with golds and silvers ranging from Plum Pálinka, Cucidati and Sea Buckthorn to exotic Sudachi, Hojicha, Sancho pepper, Kheer and Chai Masala.

Please see the full list at the bottom of this post.

The results for the remaining categories will be announced in due course.

Sara Jayne Stanes, said: “It is incredibly pleasing to see the breadth of winners this year.

“The primary aim of these awards are to recognise brilliant producers and chocolatiers from across the world, encouraging more to bring their products to the wider market and to show consumers what beautifully made chocolates are all about.

“Our newcomers this year are testament to the widening appreciation of fine chocolate across so many new countries and regions.”

“These awards were judged prior to the escalation of covid-19 measures taken in the UK. Future judging of the other categories has been postponed until further notice. We keenly look forward to the day we can start judging the remaining entries.”


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Plain Truffle
Lauden Chocolate Vegan Truffle Intense – Single origin
The Parlour The Parlour – Fresh Cream Truffle
Auro Chocolate 70% Dark Truffle
Cona’s 65%Nama chocolate
Cona’s 73%Nama chocolate
Garcia Nevett Ocumare
MooCoco Chocolaterie Plain Truffle
THEOBROMA Co. Ltd Ganache Nature
Alcohol Ganache
Realm of Cream Plum Pálinka
Cocoa Mester Whisky Truffle
Hasnaâ Chocolats Grands Crus Ganache “Un Instant à Bordeaux” – Margaux
Hasnaâ Chocolats Grands Crus Ganache “Un Instant à Bordeaux” – Pauillac
Kesshō Matcha Brandy Flavored Fluffy Nama Chocolate
Malagos Chocolate Rum Truffle
Realm of Cream Berry-li-chious
Ten Watch Chocolates Teelings Irish Whiskey Bonbon
White Rabbit Chocolatiers Imperial Stout ‘Neutron Death Star’
Anyri Chocolat Chocolate Brandy
Chocolat GRACE Maracaibo, Caramelized Banana & Cognac
Christi’s Choco Csokoládé Manufaktúra Cherry with rum
Cona’s Hand warmer
Ex Voto Chocolates and Confections Brandied Cherry
Garcia Nevett Rum Vanilla
Kesshō Rum Flavored Fluffy Nama Chocolate
La Verdure Sake Dassai
Lauden Chocolate 12yr old Single Malt whiskey
Realm of Cream Milk and Honey
TAMAN artisan chocolates Amaretto
York Cocoa Works Gin 70% Dark Chocolate Truffle
1683 Chocolate Place Dark Chocolate Cherry in Kirsch
Chococo Spiced Rum
Chocokoo OÜ Baked Apple Calvados Bonbon
ClaraFrance Chocolate Guava Delight
ClaraFrance Chocolate Hot Banana
Cona’s Caribbean cocktail
Cona’s Cointreau
Cona’s Gramophone record
Cona’s Ms.Destiny
Cona’s Into the woods
Heaven Chocolate and more Szatmári szilva
La Fleur de Chocolat cranachan chocolate
Realm of Cream Strong Start
Sawade Dark cream truffle in dark chocolate
Wicked & Wonderful Chocolatier Cognac & Cocoa Nib
ZART Pralinen Chocolate Makers cherry wine
Fruit, Floral, Spice or Infusion Ganache
La Fève by Pavel Pavlov Sea Buckthorn Honey
La Fève by Pavel Pavlov Sharp Sudachi
Cona’s Honey and Lavender
La Fève by Pavel Pavlov Passion fruit Pleasure
La Fève by Pavel Pavlov Raspberry Roll
La Fève by Pavel Pavlov Yuzu Jive
La Verdure Blackberry
Lauden Chocolate Moroccan Mint
THEOBROMA Co. Ltd namachoco hojicha
THEOBROMA Co. Ltd Umami sansho
Valenza Chocolatier Cucidati Truffles
ZAX Choco Passion fruit praline
Cacaoterra Rosa de Jamaica (Hibiscus) Truffle
Chocolat GRACE Madagascar and Summer Strawberries
Chocolat GRACE Maracaibo, Rose & Raspberries
Chocolat GRACE Maracaibo, Salted Cream Espresso & Cacao Nibs
Chocolat GRACE Arriba, Edelweiss & Muscadine Grape
Cocoa Mester Passionfruit Bon Bon
Cona’s Sakura berries filling with matcha flavor chocolate thins
Cona’s Salted duck egg flavor filling with dark chocolate
Cona’s Serendipity
Cona’s Mellifluous
Feitoria do Cacao Trufa CHAI
Kesshō Earl Grey Tea Chocolate Bonbon
La Fève by Pavel Pavlov Milky Bergamot
La Fleur de Chocolat Basil and lime chocolate
La Verdure Sansho (Japanese pepper)
Leela’s kitchen Monsoon Malabar
Nibblette Assam Masala Chai
PARADAi Chocolate Co.,Ltd Somza and Sainampeung Cream Cheese
PARADAi Chocolate Co.,Ltd Strawberry Cheese Cake
Ryan Owens Chocolate Passion Fruit
THEOBROMA Co. Ltd Earl Grey
York Cocoa Works Chocolate Orange
ZART Pralinen Chocolate Makers Verjus
Auro Chocolate Pomelo Ginger
Chococo Arbequina & Sea Salt
ChocoMe Kft Petit 21 – Bite-sized chocolate squares with raspberry infused filling
Cona’s Absolute field
Cona’s Kalamansi and orange
Cona’s Mango of Ecuador
Cona’s Passion fruit filling with milk chocolate thin
Cona’s Roasted Oolong tea filling with 70% dark chocolate
Cona’s Ruby black tea filling with 70% dark chocolate
Cona’s Strawberry cake
Cona’s The Lord
Cona’s Wonderland
Costello and Hellerstein Dark Chocolate Orange
Costello and Hellerstein Rhubarb Milk chocolate
Csokiss Manufaktura Spicy Garden
Feitoria do Cacao Trufa de Laranja
Feitoria do Cacao Trufa Manteiga de Ovelha
La Carambole Patisserie Smoky Rose
La Fève by Pavel Pavlov Lemon Cardamon
La Verdure Lavender
Nibblette Kheer
Ryan Owens Chocolate Espresso
THEOBROMA Co. Ltd namachoco yuzu
VIETNAM CA CAO BROTHER COMPANY TBROS yoghurt, coffee & passion fruit
ZAX Choco Hibiscus praline
Salted BonBon
Cōchu Chocolatier Soft salted caramel
Sugarsnap Chocolate and Confectionery Halen Mon Salted Caramel in Tanzania 75%
Winchester Cocoa Company Milk chocolate salted caramel
CHIKA WATANABE LONDON Sea Salt Caramel chocolate
Diggle Chocolates Honey Salted Caramel Skull
Hotel Chocolat Vegan Caramel
La Carambole Patisserie Noskos Vegan Barbecue
Realm of Cream Teardrop of Mr Sweet
Realm of Cream Teardrop of Mrs Sweet
Auro Chocolate Salted Caramel Water Ganache
Booja-Booja Almond Salted Caramel Chocolate Truffle
Cona’s Salted caramel and dark chocolate
Costello and Hellerstein Sea Salt Caramel
Ex Voto Chocolates and Confections Salted Caramel Roasted Almond Turtle
Hummingbird Chocolate Salted Caramel
La Fève by Pavel Pavlov Caramel Crush
Nibblette Pink Himalayan Salted Caramel
Pure Cocoa Fine Chocolates Salted Caramel
Realm of Cream Hi, Oleic!
Realm of Cream Teardrop of Miss Sweet
Rococo Chocolates Miso Caramel
Valenza Chocolatier Caramello
Wicked & Wonderful Chocolatier Muscovado Salted Caramel
Other Caramel
Cōchu Chocolatier Chai Masala Caramel
Chocolat GRACE Madagascar, Wine Caramel & Caramelized Matzo
Chocolat GRACE Maracaibo & Liquorice Caramel
Chocolat GRACE Maracaibo, Apple Cider Caramel and Calvados
Eponine Honey Caramel
Eponine Lime Caramel
Diggle Chocolates Brandy Butter Caramel
Hollychocs Caramel Passion
Lauden Chocolate Banana Caramel
Master Chocolat Organic Vegan raspberry caramel
Realm of Cream Drunken Banana
TAMAN artisan chocolates Spicy Butter Caramel
1683 Chocolate Place Dark Passion fruit Caramel
Auro Chocolate Banana Caramel Rum
Auro Chocolate Dalandan Tarragon
Cona’s Red heart
Heaven Chocolate and more Red caramel
Julia Viani – Toot Sweets Jersey Black Butter Caramel
La Verdure Caramel Yuzu
Pure Cocoa Fine Chocolates Blackcurrant Caramel
Nut based
GIRIBIZZI Gianduiotti Classic
GIRIBIZZI Gianduiotti Dark
Realm of Cream Dangerous Smokes from the Rainforest
Sawade Walnut on brandy marzipan
Valenza Chocolatier PB+C Bonbon
Booja-Booja Hazelnut Crunch Chocolate Truffle
Cōchu Chocolatier Peanut Butter
Hollychocs Peanut Supreme
Lauden Chocolate Blonde Toasted Pecan
MooCoco Chocolaterie Pistachio Truffle
Realm of Cream Beyglie
THEOBROMA Co. Ltd rocher orange & ginger
Winchester Cocoa Company Dark chocolate praline
Auro Chocolate Peanut Praline
Cona’s Clara’s Dream
Das Bernsteinzimmer – Raum für Genuss Mandel-Tonka & CBD
Das Bernsteinzimmer – Raum für Genuss Maple Pecan & BBQ
Hotel Chocolat Almond Caramel Crunch
Master Chocolat Solo sugar free and dairy free
Nibblette Hazelnut Praline
Sawade Bordeaux nut in milk chocolate
Sweetic Csokoládé Manufaktúra Ropogós Pekán / Crunchy Pecan
TAMAN artisan chocolates Dark Almond cremino truffle with Cayenne pepper
TAMAN artisan chocolates Dark Almond cremino truffle with Lemon and Thyme
TAMAN artisan chocolates Milk Hazelnut cremino truffle with Spice mixture
TAMAN artisan chocolates White Almond cremino truffle with Orange
ZAX Choco Crunchy hazelnut praline
La Carambole Patisserie Green pumpkin beanie
Cocoa Mester Rhubarb and Vanilla
Eponine Rose, Cherry & Lychee
La Carambole Patisserie Passionate vegan decadence
Nibblette Raspberry and Pistachio
Sawade Queen Luise praline in dark chocolate
TAMAN artisan chocolates Coconut, Lemon and Lemongrass
TAMAN artisan chocolates Fig and Herbs
Trinidad & Tobago Fine Cocoa Company Trinitario Spiced Orange and Hazelnut Truffle
Ben Le Prevost Chocolatier Pineapple and Fennel
Das Bernsteinzimmer – Raum für Genuss Kürbisnougat & Gewürznuss
Das Bernsteinzimmer – Raum für Genuss Mandel-Kaffee & Kardamom
Eponine Lemon & Almond Marzipan
Eponine Rhubarb Crumble
Gleem – Finest Natural Sweets Bio Dominosteine
Hotel Chocolat Pecan Maple Pie
Hotel Chocolat Salted Caramel Brownie
Jk Fine Chocolates Chocolate Fudge Cake Triple Truffle
Nibblette Double Raspberry
Rococo Chocolates Cacao Nib Espresso
Sweetic Csokoládé Manufaktúra Pumpkin seeds – blueberry / Tökmag-áfonya
Trinidad & Tobago Fine Cocoa Company Trinitario Coconut and Tonka Truffle
Trinidad & Tobago Fine Cocoa Company Trinitario Molasses Caramel
Trinidad & Tobago Fine Cocoa Company Trinitario ‘Shado Beni’ Truffle
1683 Chocolate Place Coconut and Raspberry
Black Forest Chocolates Camomile and Pear
Chococo Wildflower honey, rosemary & fig
Das Bernsteinzimmer – Raum für Genuss Hojicha & smoked Caramel
Das Bernsteinzimmer – Raum für Genuss Tahini & Falafel
Heaven Chocolate and more LAZAC
Hotel Chocolat Cherry Bakewell
Hotel Chocolat Peanut Butter and Jelly (PBJ)
Jk Fine Chocolates Caramelised Raspberry Triple Truffle
Sawade Pastry confectionery
Sugarsnap Chocolate and Confectionery Coffee Pecan Blond
Sweetic Csokoládé Manufaktúra CS 4970
Sweetic Csokoládé Manufaktúra Pumpkin seeds – sourcherry / Tökmag-meggy
TAMAN artisan chocolates Maraschino Cherry
THEOBROMA Co. Ltd Yokan & Green tea
Valenza Chocolatier Toscana Caramel Bonbon
Nibblette Colombian Coffee Latte
Nibblette Kheer
ARYAM Roasted coconut Mango &Lime (vegan)
Auro Chocolate Moringa Lemon
Black Forest Chocolates Seaweed and Coconut
Cōchu Chocolatier The Jann
Cona’s Fruit of the sun
Cona’s Litsea cubeba
Cona’s Strawberry chocolate
Cona’s Yuzu
Csokiss Manufaktura Yoghurt Heaven
Nibblette Hazelnut Praline
Valenza Chocolatier Strawberry Bellini Bonbon
Panned and Enrobed Fruit and Nuts
Cacaoterra Cinnamon Dusted Chocolate Covered Almonds
Cona’s Salted caramelized cashew nut coated with dried roselle flavor chocolate
Cona’s Salted caramelized macadamia nut coated with Tie Guan Yin tea flavor chocolate
Fabric Chocolate Physalis in Cuba 75% with cinnamon flower
Valenza Chocolatier The fig
ChocoMe Kft Raffinée 3 – Sicilian almond enrobed with dark chocolate and yuzu couverture
Cona’s Caramelized almond coated with Wenshan Pouchong tea and passion fruit flavor chocolate
Cona’s Caramelized macadamia nut coated with champange flavor chocolate
Cona’s Caramelized macadamia nut coated with Oriental beauty tea and apple flavor chocolate
Cona’s Caramelized macadamia nut coated with Wenshan Pouchong tea and passion fruit flavor chocolate
Cona’s Caramelized macadamia nut coated with whisky flavor chocolate
Cona’s Salted caramelized macadamia nut coated with milk chocolate
Cona’s Salted caramelized macadamia nut coated with Organic Ruby black tea flavor chocolate
Nobilis Zrt. Dark chocolate coated, roasted natural almonds
Pražská čokoláda s.r.o Almonds in Dark Chocolate & Cinnamon
Pražská čokoláda s.r.o Freeze Dried Strawberries in White Chocolate