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Year Name
Humblebeez: UK Rising Star
LURKA: European Rising Star
Kanvela Chocolate Co. Lt.: International Rising Star
Chocolaterie A.Morin: Shining Bright
LetterPress Chocolate: Shining Bright
Manufacture Cluizel: Shining Bright
Metiisto artisan chocolate: Shining Bright
Nick Davis: Mott Green Award
Chocolate Rebellion: Social Enterprise Award
Duffy Sheardown: Sara Jayne Stanes Award
Casa Cacao / El Celler de Can Roca: Brand Experience Award
Bare Bones Chocolate: UK Rising Star
La Fève by Pavel Pavlov: European Rising Star
Auro Chocolate: Shining Bright
Chocolat Madagascar: Shining Bright
Fjåk Chocolate: Shining Bright
Goodnow Farms Chocolate: Shining Bright
NearyNógs Stoneground Chocolate Makers: Mott Green Award
Choba Choba: Social Enterprise Award
Juliana Aquino, Associação Bean to Bar Brasil : Social Enterprise Award
Cecilia Tessieri: President's Award
Luisa’s Artisan Chocolates: UK Rising Star
Anyri Chocolat: European Rising Star
Desbarres Chocolate: International Rising Star
Metiisto Artisan Chocolate: International Rising Star
Valenza Chocolatier: International Rising Star
Foundry Fine Craft Chocolate: Brand Experience Award
Tosier Chocolatemaker: UK Rising Star
Fjåk Chocolate: European Rising Star
CocoVaa Chocolatier: International Rising Star
Fu Wan Chocolate: International Rising Star
ca ca o: Brand Experience Award
Georgia Ramon: Best Newcomer
Qantu: International Newcomer
Dormouse: UK Rising Star
Chocolat Grace: International Rising Star
Es Koyama: Best Newcomer
Eponine Patisserie & Chocolaterie: Rising Star
Chika Watanabe: Best Newcomer
Dom Ramsay: One to Watch
Angus Thirlwell: Entrepreneur of the Year
Paul a Young: Award for Innovation
William and Suzue Curley: Next Generation Award
Boutique Aromatique; Coworth Park; and Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat: Best Newcomer
Duffy Sheardown: Best British Newcomer
William Curley; Laurent Couchaux; and Keith Hurdman: Chocolatiers of the Year
Craig Sams and Josephine Fairley: Outstanding Contribution to the World of Chocolate
Amano (US): Best Newcomer
William Curley: Chocolatier of the Year
Chantal Coady and James Booth (Rococo): Outstanding Contribution to the World of Chocolate
Willie Harcourt Cooze: Chocolate Personality of the Year
Chocolatier of the Year: William Curley
Paul a Young: Best New Chocolate Shop
William Curley: Best New Chocolate Shop
L’Artisan du Chocolat: Best UK Chocolatie