How to Enter

How to Enter

*** UPDATE  JULY 2021 ***


Entry for all remaining categories will open later this summer for evaluation in October.


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our history

Basic Requirements


  • All chocolates, drinks and spreads entered in the Awards must be available for retail.
  • The fee for entering the awards is £50 for each entry;  AoC Members attract discounts. All fees must be paid at the time of entry.
  • If you are based outside the UK and wanting to submit fragile products with a short shelf life, such as filled chocolates and truffles, please bear in mind shipping times and possible delays when deciding whether to enter and how to ship your products.  Please note also the advice to state on all paperwork that the products have no commercial value, as the Academy is unable to meet customs charges levied on the recipient.


  • In present circumstances, we are separating registration into two phases, with all Tree to Bar and Bean to Bar categories open for entry now for submission in May; and the remaining categories, including Filled Chocolates, Flavoured (couverture) bars, Chocolate Drinks, Spreads and all Brand Experience entries, open for entry in the summer for submission in early autumn.
  • Please select your product entries online and add to the shopping basket.
  • Our usual procedure is to judge blind, with main flavours listed where relevant, the description entered available to view, and ingredient queries honoured with discretion.  This year, the initial Bar categories will be judged remotely, and sent to judges in their wrappers – however, all additional information supplied will also be relayed to judges, so do please fill in as requested.
  • Multiple entries may be made in each category but note that you will need to complete the detail for each product entered before starting afresh with the next product, whether in the same or a different category.
  • Payment should be made at the time of entry via PayPal (this permits the use of most major credit cards, you need not be a PayPal member) or BACS. Please select the appropriate option at checkout.
  • Closing date for entry for the first phase of judging is Friday 7th May; the closing date for receipt of bars is Friday 28th May.

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Product should be sent to :

AoC Awards 2021

samples for judging

Westminster Kingsway College,
76 Vincent Square, London, SW1P 2PD



All bars, boxes and containers must be labelled with the code number issued to you via email by the AoC.  If you have not received a code number within 72 hours of payment/entry confirmation, please contact

All Tree to Bar and Bean to Bar entries should be submitted for judging no later than Friday 28th May 2021. Entries received after this time will not be accepted. Refunds will not be made.

Filled Chocolates, flavoured couverture Bars and remaining category submission instructions will be posted once registration opens for these products, in the summer of 2021.

We strongly recommend choosing a delivery method that permits tracking and confirmation of delivery.

  • For each entry in the Filled Chocolates categories please submit 30 of each chocolate.
  • For each entry in the Bar categories please submit a minimum of five bars, in full retail wrapping.
  • For each entry in the Drinking Chocolate categories please submit 2 x 125g minimum weight of the ingredients for the chocolate drink and include instructions for preparation.
  • For each entry in the Chocolate Spreads categories please submit 2 jars or containers.
  • For your entry in the Brand Experience category please submit a selection of your products that you feel communicates the quality, story and, where appropriate, range of your chocolate creations.
  • Please ensure that your products are fresh and carefully prepared.
  • Please take great care with packaging and posting – damaged entries cannot be judged fairly.
  • Please ensure that all boxes AND separate bars or trays are clearly labelled with your name and the code issued to you.  This year all T2B and B2B categories will be judged remotely and should be submitted in full retail packaging  BUT ALSO WITH THE CODE ATTACHED TO EACH BAR.  All entries judged in the autumn, aside from Brand Experience, will be plated, judged blind (but with flavours and other essentials cited) and identified to judges only by their code.
  • The sender is responsible for all delivery charges including tax and duty.  Where charges are levied to the receiver, the Academy reserves the right to reject the consignment, while making all reasonable attempts to identify and contact the sender and secure payment from them before doing so.

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