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Delivery Instructions

Packing and Delivery Information for Shipping Your Entries

This page covers the information you will need in order to correctly address and ship your samples for judging to Westminster Kingsway College.

Packing Information

  • All products must be clearly labelled with the entry code (ID) issued to you via the Judgify system – you can find this information either on the confirmation email sent to you after you have submitted your entry, or in the “Submitted Entries” section when you log onto the Judgify system. The entry code (ID) is in the format of 3 letters, followed by a dash “-“, and then 4 digits (e.g. ABC-1234)

  • Ensure labels adhere completely and securely to each bar/box/jar/bag and are at no risk of becoming detached/separated – use stickers or sticky tape. Do not use Post-it Notes or removable stickers.
  • Each bar or box must be separately labelled and not as a group.

Correct way of labelling your product entries

Incorrect Ways of Labelling Your Entries

  • Please take great care with packaging and posting – damaged entries cannot be judged fairly.  If submitting samples from overseas, we strongly recommend sound insulation; any chilled gel packs should be guaranteed leakproof to avoid moisture damage.

How many samples do we need to send in?

Please refer to the Awards Categories page and check the number of samples you need to send in for judging each product. Note that the products you send in for judging can be in their original packaging or in packaging that is best suited for shipping – we will be removing the products from the packaging before judging. The only exception is Brand Experience category.

Checklist for Packing

  1. Ensure you have submitted the correct quantity of each product submission – Check the relevant category in the Awards Categories for the quantity of samples required.
  2. Please ensure you have clearly labelled each sample product with your entry code. (You can submit your product in the original packaging or other packaging suitable for shipping, with the exception of Brand Experience)

Delivery Instructions

Your product entries should be sent to this address:

Westminster Kingsway College
76 Vincent Square
(Rochester Road Delivery Entrance)
London, SW1P 2PD

On a separate label next to the address label on the outer packaging, please specify the following information:

For attention of: ACADEMY OF CHOCOLATE – Samples for Judging
Storage: AMBIENT/REFRIGERATED (specify which one)
From: (specify your company name)

Please make sure the information on this label is in a clear large font size (see picture below for example)

Examples of how to label your delivery box correctly

All products must be delivered to the address above by the final date for your chosen category/categories, so make sure you allow sufficient time for delivery:

  • 29 September 2023: All Chocolate Bars categories
  • 20 October 2023: Filled/Enrobed Chocolates, Chocolate Drinks, Chocolate Spreads, and Brand Experience

Delivery can be by courier, mail, or in-person during office hours and Saturday mornings. We strongly recommend choosing a delivery method that permits tracking and confirmation of delivery.

Products may also be hand-delivered to Westminster Kingsway College on Saturday 21 October 2023.

If you are sending your entries from outside the United Kingdom:

  • Please ensure that you follow the correct procedures for customs and include the correct customs documents with the package, to minimise any delays.
  • Mark clearly on the box that these are SAMPLES FOR EVALUATION ONLY and have NO COMMERCIAL VALUE AND NOT FOR RESALE. Do NOT send your samples as a commercial wholesale or retail sale. This is important to minimise any issues with UK customs – check with your courier / delivery agent if necessary to ensure you complete the customs form correctly.
  • The sender is responsible for all delivery charges including tax and duty. Where charges are levied to the receiver, the Academy reserves the right to reject the consignment, while making all reasonable attempts to identify and contact the sender and secure payment from them before doing so.